The stamped concrete pavements are the result of the impression with a pattern on the surface of the fresh concrete that grants a great variety of textures, colors and forms, which imitate in their finish the natural stone, tile, paving stone, brick, wood, etc. but with the advantages of continuous concrete pavements.


After its execution, the pavement is protected with a sealer that penetrates the concrete, locking its pores, protecting it from freeze-thaw cycles, attacks by chemical agents and its superficial wear.


They are the perfect solution for the creation of paths, parks, streets, garage ramps, urbanizations, recreational areas, interior of commercial premises, etc.

Its main advantages are durability, surface resistance, adaptability to the environment, ease of installation and its quality / price ratio considering its life-time compared to other alternatives.


The concrete must have a cement dosage of 300 kg / m3, a maximum aggregate size of 12 mm or 20 mm and has to be manufactured without the addition of admixtures to ensure a fast and uniform setting. It will also be advisable to include polypropylene microfibers to minimize surface cracking and reinforcement using mesh or sealer.