Polished concrete is a concrete slab, which after adding a series of surface hardeners, is mechanically polished until the resulting surface has a fine and shiny appearance. It is also possible to get rougher surfaces, mainly outdoors, simply by shortening the polishing process.

It is a finish that adapts easily to any need, since it can be used both for floors with a purely decorative function and industrial floors, parking, commercial premises, etc.


The advantages of polished concrete floors are:


  • Low maintenance cost, mainly due to the ease of cleaning them as it is a hard, smooth and continuous surface.
  • Durability. It is a durable floor due to the characteristics of the concrete's mechanical resistance, which also has a closed surface with low permeability that allows it to maintain its properties unaltered over time.
  • Versatility. There are multiple possibilities of finishing in terms of textures, use of dyes, white cement, etc.


All this makes polished concrete always a good alternative when choosing our type of concrete pavement, whatever the final use of it and with a low cost of construction and maintenance.