Pavilevel uses continuous pavements of aggregate seen for mainly decorative elements such as parks, sidewalks, walks, squares, parking, etc. in which a solution is sought, which in addition to functional and decorative, is durable and also of quality.


Exposed aggregate concrete or exposed aggregate pavements offer a wide range of finishes depending on the type of aggregate, aggregate size and used cement.

Depending on the availability of these materials in the concrete plants of the area, limestone, granite, boulder, etc. aggregates could be used in various sizes (12 mm, 20 mm, 40 mm, etc). In addition, these aggregates can be combined, both with grey and white cement, offering a great variety of finishes.


The realization of this type of pavement is carried out by spraying a top surface retarder once the concrete has been placed.

When the base of the pavement has hardened, it is washed with water under pressure, leaving the aggregate uncovered, which depending on the surface retarder used will be more or less discovered.